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21.JPGHida Master Kobe Beef
You must be doubt 'Is this Beef indeed?' once you try it. Because its taste is much different from the general Beef meat, melty, soft and tasty and juicy. 'Hida Master Kobe Beef' must be the 'Kuroge Wagyu Beef' and grown in Gifu prefecture for more than 14 month and the grade must be more than A3. (A3,A4,A5)

1.JPGMino Shirakawa Green Tea
The character of this Mino Shirakawa Green Tea which is grown in like this clean enveronment must be their aroma and soft and good taste. The balance of its astringent and sweet make the flavour very good. This Mino Shirakawa green tea cannot be produced for large quantity with its high quality, they have got a lot of honorable valuation.

P2190340.JPGTakayama Ramen Noodle
Takayama Ramen Noodle has its particular curly noodle and very simple soy source flavour soup. You must like its casual style and flavour!

30080004.jpgMotai Smoke Tofu
This is very unique and special smoked tofu. It had been made for 700years. Its flavour is like a smoked cheese. It is made from only soy beans.

P8011880.JPGGyutama yaki
Gyutama yaki is junk food of Hida Takayama area which contains good Hida Master Kobe Beef meat. The flavour is nice and smells good with its soy source flavour.

P8101951.JPGPickles of Hida
'Aka kabu' is the representative special products of Hida area.
These picles are very delicious with their sour and natural vegitable flavour.

P9022151.JPGMino Shirakawa Ham
Mino Shirakawa Ham is made from the pork meat which are grown in Gifu prefecture.
This pork is named 'Kenton', and clean and safe.

P9022271.JPGKei chan (Flavoured Chicken)
This 'Keichan' is origined in Gero City - where has many spa -, it is very very delicious to cook with vegitables. It is good to have with wine, Sake, Beer.
This is the representative of the flavour of everyone's house in Gifu prefecture.

kurikintonimage.gifKuri Kinton (Chest Nuts sweets)
This 'Kurikinton' is origined in this area of Gifu.
It is the sweets only in Autumn. You can taste it in only in Autumn, it's 'Autumn sweets.' Looks like 'sweet potato', but it is little bit different. Try!

P9022258.JPGGohei Mochi
This is 'Gohei Mochi', which is a traditional food in Gifu Prefecture.
The Mochi, dipped in the original source made with lots kinds of nuts and soy source and sesami and so on. This is very popular between young to old.

P8011822.JPGHida Sweets
These Hida sweets are origined by the ladies in ancient in Hida area. They are made with Kinako, which is made from soy beans only. It is natural and good for your body.

とまとうめりんご3本.gifNatural Fruits Juice
100% of ingredients are from Gifu prefecture, only fruits and tomato.
You can enjoy its natural and fresh taste with this great juice!

kinako.jpgMochi from Hida(Rice cakes)
Mochi, rice cakes made with Japanese rice made in Hida area. This rice is grown with the clean and beautiful water from great mountain. You can enjoy its natural taste and rice flavour.

富有柿イメージ2.jpgFuyu Percimmon
Fuyu percimmon is origined in Gifu prefecture. Its flavour is very good and sweet and good hardness. You can enjoy it from November to December.

F008061.jpgGifu Strawberry
Gifu has its own spiecies of Nyoho and Minomusume which is high quality. Minomusume is very sweet and Nyoho has very good balance of its sour and sweet. Our strawberry is very popular between foreign countries. You can enjoy them from December to March.

水.jpgNatural water in Gifu prefecture
We have a lot of mountains and plenty of beautiful natural water. So we can have delicious food and Sake. The natural water is wonderful with its taste, it is very popular between every countries. Of course, it is very good for cooking and also green tea brewing.