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About Us

Company Name: Store Naito Co.,Ltd
Address: 1655-2 Kawamata, Shirakawa, Kamo County, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
FAX: +81-574-72-2416
Foundation date: Taisho 10 (1922)
Company President: Kimiko Naito

CEO : Kimiko Naito
Food business section Operations Manager: Keiko Naito
Green tea section Operations Manager: Naoko Naito

Business hours: 09:30~18:30

Our History

  • Taisho 10 (1922)- Began selling foodstuffs at 1655-2 Kawamata, Shirakawa, Kamo County, Gifu
  • Showa 62 (1987)- Incorporated to Store Naito Inc
  • Showa 63 (1988)- Moved to current location
  • Heisei 18 (2006)- japanesefoodsupplies.com was created to meet the needs of overseas customers
  • Heisei 19 (2007) Foodstuffs Netshop was created to supply the domestic market.
  • Heisei 25(2013) Foundation of the website specially for the special products of Gifu.